Adding the Power of Social Media in to CRM

Social media had a big year in 2011. It was—and still is—the topic of nearly every marketing conversation, and continues to see astounding growth. At year's end, Facebook surpassed 850 million users and was well on its way to 1 billion. Social media ad spending continues to grow rapidly, with 2011 figures reaching a whopping $3 billion. Twitter's user base has grown to 300 million, generating over 1 billion tweets per month.

Enableing Cancel Query Timeout in Siebel CRM

The cancel query feature allows users to stop the slow or incorrect queries. If the query does not return records within a given number of seconds (the timeout period), a dialog box appears, which allows the user to cancel the query.

The cancel query feature is enabled through the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter in the [SWE] section of the application configuration file (CFG).

175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

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“Hey, you got a minute?” That’s a question, not a demand. Don’t get angry with the interrupter if you answered, “Sure!” to their question. General rule: If you cannot eliminate the interruption, make the interruption as short as possible.

Interview Technique : Requirements Gathering Techniques

An interview is a conversation with stakeholders to elicit or validate needs and requirements.  An interview may include one or more stakeholders.  The interview may also involve a question and answer session used to discover other potential stakeholders and any discrepancies between needs; the high-level requirements derived from those needs; and the resulting detailed requirements.  Interviews facilitate obtaining approval from stakeholders on their needs, requirements, and any changes to t

Requirements Gathering Techniques

Requirements gathering techniques provide project team members with a choice of methods for eliciting needs or requirements from stakeholders and for validating requirements with stakeholders. Certain techniques are appropriate in gathering stakeholder needs, while other techniques are most helpful in defining high-level and detailed requirements, or validating detailed requirements with the stakeholders.

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