Remote Control Codes For NAXA TVs

NAXA TV 5 Digit Remote Control Codes
(There are no “official” universal remote codes for NAXA TVs,
these 5 digit codes have been shown to work on most NAXA model number televisions)

NAXA TV 3 Digit Remote Control Codes
Try the 9-2-2 auto search method
(Depending on remote and component used – See below for 9-2-2 method)

How to auto search on your remote control with the 9-2-2 method:
-Turn on your NAXA TV.
-Point your remote control at the TV.
-Search the remote control memory for the 3, 4, or 5 digit code.
-Press and hold the TV button.
-Simultaneously hold the OK key.
-All keys should flash twice.
-Enter “922” and the selected mode key should flash twice.
-Press and hold the POWER button.
-Wait for the TV to turn off before you release POWER.
-Use the REW button to look through each code backwards one at a time.
-Use the FF button to look through each code forwards one at a time.
-POWER or PLAY button will continue the auto search of the remote codes.
-Press ENTER when you find the correct code.
-The TV key will flash 3 times.
-The Mode buttons will blink RED if it does not find a valid code.
-If you do not find the TV code – repeat the steps.
(This is for use with an ATT UVERSE Remote but will work with other remotes using related buttons)