How To Program Chunghop RM-133E Universal Remote Control To TV

Program your Chunghop RM-133 remote. Here is the easy method to program the RM-133 universal remote control to your TV. We have also included the 3 digit TV remote codes. Start by using the first remote code in the list and continue using the next code provided if needed. 

1 – First, find the 3 digit code for your TV Brand (see below).

Vizio TV Remote Codes For Chunghop RM-133 = 524, 602, 481
Samsung TV Remote Codes For Chunghop RM-133 = 021, 024, 025, 033, 037, 008, 011
LG TV Remote Codes For Chunghop RM-133 = 480, 441, 412, 481, 454, 430, 420, 460
Sony TV Remote Codes For Chunghop RM-133 = 094, 106, 148, 041, 049, 005
(More Chunghop 3 digit TV remote codes are below)

2 – Press and hold the “Set” button and simultaneously press the “Power” button.

3Release both buttons after the indicator light comes ON.

4Put in the 3 digit code for your TV.

5 – The indicator light goes out if the TV code is accepted.
(Test Chunghop remote to control TV – If working – Your remote is programmed – If not, keep trying other 3 digit codes)

6 – If the indicator light flashes 2 times then that indicates that your TV code is incorrect.

7 – If the indicator light stays ON after 2 flashes, input the 3 digit code again, keep trying until you find the correct code for your TV.

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