175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

Excellent book on time saving tips -

Few sample tips from the book to convince you to have it in your collection-

“Hey, you got a minute?” That’s a question, not a demand. Don’t get angry with the interrupter if you answered, “Sure!” to their question. General rule: If you cannot eliminate the interruption, make the interruption as short as possible.

“Perfection paralysis” is expensive. Sometimes it is not worth the effort to make things “perfect.” Take a look at time costs involved and weigh these against the benefit of perfection. Many times second best in operation is better than first best on the drawing board.

Organize your desktop! If you are right-handed, make sure the phone is located on the left side of your desk. You want to keep the right side of the desk (and your right hand) free to take notes. Just the opposite for lefties.

175 Ways to Get More Done in Less Time!
by  David Cottrell and Mark C. Layton
CornerStone Leadership Institute © 2004

Want to get things done faster so you can accomplish more of your long-term goals? Okay. We’d all like that to happen. But the question we finally have to ask is, “How can I do that — get more things done in less time?

This book is loaded with ideas. But to get more done in less time, we have to make choices — and remember it is your life we’re talking about.

Now, don’t expect smoke and mirrors here. And don’t look to magically pull a few extra hours for your day out of thin air. Nope, there’s no magic formula. But, between the front and back covers of this book you’ll find 175 really, really good suggestions that will help you get things done faster…and usually better.

Notice, too — this book cuts to the chase:

No flowery prose.

No unnecessary charts or diagrams.

Just good, common sense suggestions that will help you make conscious decisions to increase your quality of life.

Search for that nugget of wisdom that will give you 10, 20, or 30 extra minutes a day. Then find another…and another…and another.

You may also want to try this approach: Select one or two of the tips each week. Describe the tip briefly with your staff at your team meeting and ask for everyone to try this week’s tip. Every environment is different, but chances are that some will stick with your team and result in exponential time savings for all involved.

Before you know it, you’re back in control — actually achieving those goals you’ve set for yourself.

What better time to get started than the present? Like today!

Remember…the meter is ticking!