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RCA 4-Device Universal Remote

Using RCA Universal Remote control with Streaming Player and TV

New RCA 4 device universal remote you can control all your streaming players such as Roku, FireTV, Apple TV with a single RCA remote. using the simple steps listed program your TV and Media players to be controled with a single remote.

How do i program my RCA Universal remote for my Streaming player like ROKU, AppleTV and FireTV

Explore these simple steps. 

1. Manually turn on your Streaming player such as Roku / AppleTV / FireTV and TV.
2. Aim your remote at the Streaming player panel and press and hold the "Stream" button.
3. Once the light is turned on, at the same time, press and hold the “On/Off” button until the light turns on again.
4. Press the Play or the Slow button on your remote for five seconds.

5. After this, your Streaming player should turn off.
6. If the streaming player turns off, that means it’s working. If it does not turn the Streaming player off, press the Play or Slow button again. Repeat this process every five seconds until the device turns off.
7. Press and release the Stop button to save the programming for the device in the remote’s memory.

Some of the Streaming players will not auto detect , Don't worry we have you covered. at directutor we have compiled less common streaming player universal remote codes to help you use your RCA Universal remote using a simple 4 or 5 digit Universal remote code

Streaming Device Universal Remote Codes for RCA Remote

This a most comprehensive list of  Streaming device universal remote codes out on the internet for free. We have listed Streaming player followed by 5 digit Streaming player code for programming your RCA Universal remote. We have compiled a list of 54 device codes for you. at directutor we present quality information with lot of research, dogfooding and testing the codes. 

ABS 51272
Alienware 51272
Amlogic 54899
Apple TV Streaming player universal remote code is 52615

Armada 54899
Asus 52987
Boxee 53693
Buffalo 54947
Ceton 51272
CyberPower 51272
Dell 51272
D-Link 53671, 53693
Funai 53339
Gateway 51272
G-Box Midnight 54440
Hewlett Packard 51272
Howard Computers 51272
HP 51272
Hush 51272
Iomega 52558
LG Streaming player universal remote code is 53373

Linksys 51272
Logitech 53272
Magnavox 53339
Matricom 54440, 54899
Media Center PC 51272
Mi 53982
Micca 53669, 53850
Microsoft 51272, 52049, 54000
Mind 51272
Minix 53884
Netgear 53324, 54401, 53292, 54799
NiveusMedia 51272
Northgate 51272
NVIDIA 54918
Omniverse 54421
Ortek 53122
Panasonic 53760
Pivos 54339
Popcorn Hour 52260
RCA 53335
Ricavision 51272
Roku Streaming player universal remote codes are 53061, 52371

Seagate 52698
Sony 52713, 51272
Stack 9 51272
Systemax 51272
Tagar Systems 51272
Toshiba 51272
Touch 51272
Viewsonic 54249, 51272
VIZIO 53670
Voodoo 51272
Western Digital 52558
Xbox 52049, 54000
Xiaomi 53982
ZT Group 51272

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