kenmore elite washer troubleshooting with Kenmore washer 5d code

Are you experiencing a kenmore washer 5d code on your Kenmore washer, many have replaced their aging Kenmore washer after constantly getting 5D error. if your ready to spend few minutes, we will show you how to save your washer and get an other couple years from your Kenmore washing machine. 

kenmore washer 5d code is a very common error on Kenmore washing machine. Many times 5D error occurs due to a interrupted washing cycle. Kenmore washer goes through washing stages. while your washer is draining the water and your kids might have pulled the door casuing kenmore washing machine throw kenmore washer 5d code. follow along the instructions and in no time your washer will start working like charm. Many people misread the 5D error on control panel, actually its SD error.

What is Kenmore Washer 5D / SD Error anyway ?

In layman's terms 5D or SD error means your washer is more wet content then it should be, this occurs for couple reasons, one is due to interrupting the draining cycle and second reason is you have added too much washing liquid or conditioner which is holding the excess water. another reason is your drain pipe is clogged.

kenmore elite washer troubleshooting and kenmore washer 5d code

kenmore elite washer troubleshooting How to fix the 5D or SD Error

Now that you know what the SD / 5D error is let me walk you through how to identify actual issue your facing and how to resolve it.

  • Too much detergent
    • This one is simple, when ever your adding the detergent make sure to use a measuring cup and that will solve the future issues. to resolve the current error code 5D run an additional rinse without adding detergent and conditioner. if you still see the issue remove all the clothes from the machine run the Kenmore washing machine in clean washer mode. basically your run an empty washer with out adding anything.
  • Stop Interrupting washing
    • More then often you or your kids might be accidentally opening the door and interrupting the washing cycle, make sure not to open the door once washing starts. before opening the door make sure to press cancel or add more clothes button before opening the door to avoid getting 5D or SD errors.
  • Choose Non-Foaming detergent
    • Choice of your detergent can also be a contributing factor, make sure to choose detergent designed for washing machines. some people use detergents that are not made for washers and cause 5D /SD error. use appropriate cloth washing detergent and save money by not replacing the washing machine. using an approved detergent save your washer in the long run.
  • Clogged drainage pipes due to mold built-up
    • Many appliance repair technicians have experienced clogged drainage pipes causing your washer to display 5D error. don't worry you don't need a plumber to fix the issue. follow below steps to unclog mold built up in washing machine drain pipes.
      • Run a empty rinse cycle, then
      • add 5 cups of bleach in to the washing machine and run a cycle with out adding any clothes or detergent.
      • Run a empty machine rinse cycle.
      • now you should not get any 5D errors., if your still seeing 5D error follow along for next steps
  • Check and Clean the Filter or Replace filter
    • New models of Kenmore washing machines are equipped with a filter that is used to prevent pipes from clogging. find the filter door in the front bottom of your Kenmore washing machine pull the door and clean the filter under running water and insert the cleaned filter.
  • Hub wear
    • in Kenmore vertical load washing machine there is an "O" Ring, over the time due to usage ribs of O-Ring wear out, replace the O-Ring if you observe chipped edges. you can find it on websites like repair hub , Parts direct, sears parts or on amazon.
  • Control module
    • if you have exhausted all the above steps and still see the 5D error this can be due to a faulty control module, you can replace the control module by ordering it online on repair hub , Parts direct, sears parts or on amazon. however it takes some skill and we don't recommend you try this by your self as there is a risk of electric shock. best option is to call a technician. you can find many technician in your area on google search, yelp , angies list or similar websites

Where can you buy the replacement parts for Kenmore Washer

Below are few recommended stores, Note: we are not affiliated to any of these store.





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