Arrow 25 Tripod User Manual

The Arrow 40 Fluid Head has been designed to suit payload capacities from ENG to standard configuration EFP cameras. The Arrow 55 Fluid Head has been designed to suit EFP and Studio cameras.

The robust design and construction of the Arrow 40/55 Fluid Head offers maximum stability, accuracy and durability and includes precision ball bearing mounted Fluid Drag Plate system in the Pan and Tilt assembly to deliver true fluid drag performance over the entire temperature and payload range.

 The Fluid Drag and the Counterbalance system were designed to provide excellent control and repeatability and offer progressive equal increments of drag and torque. The Arrow 40/55 Fluid Head also offers Illuminated single control location for operating Pan/Tilt, Counterbalance and viewing Bubble level.

The Arrow 40/55 Fluid Head will give best performance when used on a wide range of Miller tripods, including SOLO ENG (#1505), Sprinter II (#1589, #1580, #1576) and HD (#931) tripod. This will ensure maximum system stability to suit any professional set-up. The Arrow 40/55 Fluid Head will suit most industry standard 100 mm tripods as well, please refer to manufactures’ manual for mounting details

miller 1770 arrow 25 tripod system 1770 b h photo video 57555 user manual
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