WOW URC Ultra Remote Codes with Programming instructions

The URC Ultra Wow TV remote can be programmed to work with a TV and surround sound receiver. Wow TV remote does not work with VCR, DVR player, Blu-ray player.Ultra Wow TV remote is not a universal remote.
We have collected all the supported TV remote codes for Wow remote.

Follow the instructions shown below to programme your TV to work with Wow remote. You can control volume, selecting channels, navigate to the smart apps like youtube, Netflix, Prime etc.,

New Smart TV Software by Google is coming to Sony TVs and TCL TVs

Smart TVs from Sony, TCL, and some other brands which are using android TV are going to have a facelift this year as software powering Sony, TCL are about to switch from Android TV to Google TV.

People will notice the Sony's Smart TV switch, all other Android TV manufacturers are also shifting to newer Google TV platform as goolge make the software available to tv and media streaming player manufacturers. 

Know what Apple TV Is and How Does It Work?

Apple TV is a Streaming media player developed by Apple, its connected to your TV using HDMI port. Apple TV lets you do more than just watching high quality 4K streaming. you can listen to apple music, play games, and apple app store has many apps built for the apple TV.

Primarily there are 2 models of Apple TV,  1. 4K Ultra UHD Apple TV which supports 4K video, 2. HD Apple TV player which supports 1080p. you get to choose the built in storage 32GB and 64GB models. 

Want to Get the Best Picture Quality Out of Your Ultra HD 4K TV

4k Ultra HD TVs offer high picture quality, however you may have noticed your not getting the picture quality you paid for. 4K offers very high pixel rate 3,840 pixel for horizaontal and 2,160 pixels of vertical resolution. To compare with HD its 4 times the pixels and 4 times the clarity and vivid detail in the picture. So whats stopping your 4K Ultra HD TV from showing the best quality picture that Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services offer.

Best options for getting HRD over wifi with Smart TV

In last few years people connected an older TV to the internet, you can use a dedicated streaming device, HDMI cable, Blu-ray player or gaming console. in 2021 things have changed, most of the TVs are smart TV enabled, Comes with built in wifi.

as more and more TVs are smart TV enabled getting high quality video over the wifi has been a challange with Youtube , Netflix , Amazon prime and other providers. We have listed best options to receive high quality HDR contenat over WIFI.