Siebel EAI

The following lists some commonly encountered errors for Workflow Process Manager.

1. Problem: You activated your workflow but it is not executing

Steps to Create Siebel Inbound Web Service:


1. Add Alerts Applet to the Home Page using Siebel Tools

2. Go to Sitemap -> Administration - Alert

The XML Web Interface can be used against any Siebel eBusiness Application. Requests to generate XML from Siebel eBusiness Applications can be submitted through a Siebel Web Server using a query string or an XML command block.

Total No. of Questions: 20

Time Duration             : 30 Minutes

NEON Delivery adapter uses COM Data Server to connect and get access to the object layer of Siebel.

The Log files that are generated by Siebel Data Server can be seen in the following path

You have AIA deployed on one server, BRM is on the same network. Siebel on the other hand is installed on a server which is behind a firewall.

User wants to perform operations on Service Request BC while the workflow is based on Quotes.

EAI HTTP Transport does not read the sleep time parameter from the enterprise or object manager settings.
Instead, it defaults to 120 seconds internally (hardcoded).

Having already installed Customer Hub PIP 2.5 and Order To Cash PIP 2.5 with Siebel UCM & CRM instance say UCM-A and CRM-A. After the install, we planned to change the end points from UCM-A to UCM-B and also from CRM-A to CRM-B.


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