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This document describes the steps to be taken in order to connect to AND GeoAccess to Siebel.
Virtual Business Component
Create a Virtual Business Component (VBC) in Siebel a

This article presents details on how to use the XML Web Interface to deliver content from Siebel to external portal frameworks and Web application environments.

Siebel 7.8 introduces a new business service named "Workflow Admin Service" which offers, among others, this functionality to deploy or activate several workflow processes at a time.

This section explains how to manipulate a property set in a workflow without custom script. The mechanisms used here are:

  • The Workflow Utilities business service, echo method.

  • Workflow process aliases

The whole sub tree rooted at this node is not processed. It is the same as that whole sub tree not existing in the integration object instance.

It is possible to add a searchspec to child integration components but some restrictions apply. you must also search on the parent.

In Siebel, Integration Component Fields with Field Type property as "System" are not exported even if these fields are active during a query operation.

To move to the next stage in the lifecycle some times you need to use the same CRMOD instance with a new Ebiz instance.  What are the considerations to be aware of.

While performing an Insert operation with EAI Siebel Adapter.

While integrating Siebel and CTI with products like Avaya or CISCO typically clients will have following types of requirement:


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