Whenever Quote Status is set to "Actual" or "Turndown"  for instance, the View should become read-only (Both Parent and Child applets).

Sometimes it happens you clicks on a button on an applet which is supposed to do some modification on the current record but you get an error saying : The selected record has been modified by another user.

The size of the pick applet is controlled in theme-black.css in the below style class:


 Password policy attributes : 

In Siebel Workflow, there is no function for a carriage return line feed. So, if we want to populate a text field and format the contents so that they appear on separate lines, there is no simple way to do it.

It is possible to set up locales on a user basis so that you do not need to create new object manager components in order for a set of users to simply use a different locale.  A locale directs how sensitive information, such as date, time, and num

Connection pooling in Siebel is very important for performance. Siebel Bookshelf contains a section on “Database Connection Pooling Usage Guidelines” that provides general recommendations with regards to connection pooling.

How can one achieve the requirement to provide a button named "Upload File", and when user clicks it, a file browse window should open, allowing user to select a file and perform an upload of this file in its original format to

We may need to perform certain operation/validation when user drilldown on a particular field in a List Applet.
Vanilla provides a method Drilldown at applet level which can be captured.
The problem here is if there are more


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