To find the errors in Autosys use below commands:$AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.$AUTOSERV
($AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.ACE)Output from the job definition output & error files :

AutoSys is a job scheduling program for UNIX and Windows NT and is built as event-driven client/server architecture.  The product architecture consists of three components: 

Autosys is a popular job scheduling tool used in unix used by several organization to manage job automation for running jobs on time accurately and profficiently.

The fact that all jobs in a box change status when a box starts running has lead some to use boxes to implement "job cycle" behavior.

To create virutal machine in autosys use below commands, these commands are for unix or sun os. insert_machine: virtual
type: v /* default, not required */
machine: real_1
machine: real_2
max_load: 100

Job scheduling typically relies on using the UNIX clock daemon called “cron” or the Windows NT command line interface scheduler service.

# Send Event
alias -x se='sendevent -E'

# Start Job
alias -x fsj='sendevent -E FORCE_STARTJOB -J'
alias -x sj='sendevent -E STARTJOB -J'

Following are the AutoSys command line commands:gatekeeper: Allows you to enter the License Keys which allow you to run AutoSys.eventor [-M machine_name] : Starts the event processor.autorep -J [ALL | Job_name] [-q] [> file_name], -d (detail),

Defining Jobs: Can be done through GUI or Job Instruction Language (JIL)

System Components:

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