Siebel - Email/SMS/FAX template substitution

Scenario : Need to fill email/sms/fax template content substituted via scripting. Need to dynamically fetch Request ID and Timestamp value pertaining to the instance of the Outbound Communication ManagerWhat is available Out Of Box – you can use Send Email /SMS/Fax window to select the template to substitute the content. User has to manually copy the content Solution : We can use BS Outbound Communications Manager, method ExpandCommTemplate.Inputs: Recipid, RecipBusComp, CommTemplateName, SourceBusObj, SourceId. Outputs: ExpandedText, ExpandedSubject Note : The above method is a hidden one andcan be used for populating the template contents whenever required.   Benefits :

  • Extensively used in interfacing with Fax/SMS/Email systems outside Siebel
  • Method comes handy and can be used in business services as and when needed
  • Once populated the message body can also be stored in desired entities.