Siebel EIM

What is IFB file?

An IFB file is nothing but a EIM configuration file which is an ASCII or Unicode (Binary) text file of extension type .ifb. IFB stands for Interface Batch.

EIM EXPORT / DELETE functionality for S_PARTY siebel base tables

After the introduction of the S_PARTY table in Siebel version 7 tables such as S_ORG_EXT and S_CONTACT has become extension tables to the S_PARTY table.

Siebel EIM Delete Process Parameter Reference

Some process parameters like TYPE, BATCH, and TABLE are similar to an Import process.

Mystery of Siebel EIM Merge Process Explained

A merge process deletes one or more existing rows from the base table and ensures that intersecting table rows are adjusted to refer to the remaining rows.

Siebel EIM Batch Size could have an adverse impact on Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Environments

In the "Advanced Usage" chapter of the Siebel "Enterprise Integration Manager and Administration Guide", it is recommended that batch sizes of 5,000 records or less be used.

How should EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES be used in Siebel?

The syntax of EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES has been changed in version 7.x./8.x This information was not available in the Siebel Bookshelf.

The following are the correct syntax for the EXPORT MATCHES and DELETE MATCHES parameters:


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