Self Improvement

Study finds that more than 70 minutes of homework a day is too much for adolescents

WASHINGTON — When it comes to adolescents with math and science homework, more isn’t necessarily better — an hour a day is optimal — but doing it alone and regularly produces the biggest knowledge gain, according to research published by the Ameri

10 Free online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit

Learning a new skill is necessary to start new business, there are tons of free resources to benefit form.

Simplet techniques to build Confidence

Todays modern life style requires us to self to assess each one to become an expert, overwhelming self help courses to executive leadership programs, unless you develop a self assessment strategy all will not

Techniques for Managing a Diverse Team

Think about a great manager who's really motivated you in the past. What comes to mind? Many people describe such managers as fair, respectful, encouraging, objective, clear, and good listeners.

Early investment in quality Pre-K education critical for future workforce

Within the past two years, Alabama lawmakers and Governor Bentley have doubled state investments in Alabama's First Class Pre-K program to increase access from six to thirteen percent of 4-year-olds statewide.

Overcoming postpone behavior

Being careful about decisions isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's responsible to consider the consequences of your actions.

10 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

In your career, you will inevitably end up saying some dumb or regrettable things to your boss. We all do it to varying degrees at one time or another.


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