Find a lost TV remote control

Try retracing your steps around the house to see if you left it somewhere else. For example, if you went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, you might have left the remote on the counter or even placed it in the fridge. Check in hidden places like under couch cushions are behind and under the furniture. Lift up any items that might be hiding the remote, like blankets or clothes. If you still can't find your remote, ask a friend or family member to help you look and try to make a game out of it. For example, you might agree that whoever finds the remote gets to choose what to watch.

Find your Amazon FireTv stick remote.

Are you sick of always losing your Amazon FireTv stick remote, this secret to never losing your Amazon FireTv stick remote is "attachment for Alexa Voice Remote " What is it you ask? FireStick attachment connects to your Amazon FireTv stick second (2nd Gen) . 

All you have to do is remove the battery cover of your remote and slide attachment in. This attachment comes with an app called Remote Plus that you can use to find the remote.

whenever you've lost a remote going to the app and pressing find remote button will cause the FireTV attachment to beep loudly and flash blue light to show you exactly where your remote is. This light can be turned on manually as well to help you see all your buttons in the dark. It also has a headphone jack on the bottom that you an connect to for private listening. 
The rechargeable battery is pretty decent as I've only needed to recharge it every few months or so using the included standard micro USB cable. I've had this device for a while now and it has become essential. you can buy "FireTV Remote attachment" on Amazon by a company called Thirdreality and currently priced at $19.99.

Roku remote comes with built in remote finder, saying "Roku find my remote" will beep on your remote.

How to find your Samsung TV's remote?

You can still use a Samsung TV without the remote. The direct device control method of Samsung TV and to control a Samsung TV without the remote, pretty much all Samsung TVs  have a power on and power off button at the back or front middle botton. 
Joystick button can be used to navigate different features such as volume up and down or change the input source and other function of Samsung TV. 

Depending on your Samsung TV model power button would be located on the back of your TV or in the center bottom panel, pressing it once or toggle it on and then off. Also you can use it as a joystick which will bring up additional controls such as changing the channel adjusting volume, even changing the source to HDMI. Unfortunately, you can't use it to navigate or open up the apps on your TV. 

Samsung TVs support a USB keyboard so you can use USB keyboard to control any part of your TV. If you have a wired keyboard lying around, you can just plug that into a USB port of your TV. Once you've done that, you'll be able to control pretty much all aspects of your TV with the arrow keys on the keyboard and can even access the settings open and switch apps and etc. 

One of the most popular ways you can control your Samsung Smart TV without a remote is by using a Samsung SmartThings app. You can control it normally but virtually on your smartphone. There is one big caveat though. If you've never used the SmartThings app before then you can't really use it after you've lost the remote as it requires you to give permission from your phone to connect to your TV. However, you can use an external keyboard to give this permission even if you've lost your original Samsung Remote. And if you're able to connect the app successfully, the rest is pretty simple. Just get the app both on Android and iOS. And make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi Fi as a TV and select the TV from the list of available devices from there your works just like an actual remote and works wirelessly over Wi Fi

Universal replacement remote

Buy an universal remote. Its the best way. we have all the required universal remote codes listed on

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