DuckDuckGo Privacy Search Engine Review

Do you think every thing you search is being watched and what ever your thinking is being leaked to advertisers and thye are putting advertisemtns on any website you go. some times may be you want to see related stuff, and other time you may want to keep the thing private and don't want your search queries being leaked to advertisers to advertise their product every where. Imagin a situation where your searching for some health related question and all of a sudden every where you go , they sart selling your stuff related to your search as if you don't have any privacy. would n't it be absurd if any shop you go , sales man knows exactly what your looking for. Well some times it helps and most of the times its annoying or outright dangerous. People can figure out what health issue you have or may have just by looking at your advertisements being served. though advertisers don't know you personally they have created profiles on every one. It has become a security risk for many.

uckDuckGo Online Privacy Sarch Engine and Browser Review

Lean search engine for people who don't want to be tracked and want their privacy back


DuckDuckGo Review

Directutor Rating 

 + No online tracking  − Search results are not relavant
 + Fast loading, does not bloat your computer  − Infrequent updates
 + Easy to use, clears history every single time you close the browser  − white block in the webpages, where ads are blocked insted of removing ads

How do you deal with this security risk ?, a new browser and privacy search engine is promising to provide tracking free search. DuckDuckGo is commited to not store your personal information and not to show personalized Ads. most of all will not create a profile on you either thru a unique ID or annonymous grouping.  So not keeping track means not much direct advertisement so the DuckDuckGo dosen't have money power to keepupdating the search results quickly and this results in some what poor seach result quality.

DuckDuckGo is a very lean search engine and web browser and this makes it very fast and safe to use. you can make some tweakes but custoization is limited. 

How to insall DuckDuckGo

you can goto DuckDuckGo Search engine using this link.

Android - go to playstore and search for duckduckgo and install

iOS - go to appsore and search for duckduckgo and install

How good is DuckDuckGo Privacy

DuckDuckGo Search engine and browser shine at privacy, it provies zero tracking from advertisers and blocks cookies and other technologies used by advertisers. This is a simple and secure search engine which promises not to track you. One thing to note is nothing is completely private once you connect to internet. even though DuckDuckGo might not track the websites you visit have the ability to track you.

So, to over come the tracking DuckDuckGo shows you if your being tracked by the website you are visition its called the Privacy Grade. one good thing is you don't have to do any crazy thing to achieve privacy every thing is built into it ready to use right after install. 

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of using DuckDuckGo as a search engine, including its protection of user privacy, its provision of diverse search results, and its transparency and open-source nature.

One of the primary benefits of using DuckDuckGo is its protection of user privacy. Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information, and it does not use cookies to track users or personalize search results. This means that users can search the web without fear of being tracked or having their search history stored. Additionally, DuckDuckGo offers a variety of privacy-enhancing features, such as a built-in VPN service that allows users to encrypt their internet connection and a "Privacy Grade" feature that rates websites based on their privacy practices.

Another benefit of using DuckDuckGo is its provision of diverse search results. DuckDuckGo sources its search results from a variety of sources, including its own web crawler, other search engines, and user-generated content. This helps to provide a more diverse set of search results and reduces the risk of search results being biased or manipulated. Furthermore, DuckDuckGo has a number of useful tools and features, such as a built-in calculator, weather forecast, and currency converter, that make it a powerful search engine.

DuckDuckGo is also transparent and open-source, which means that anyone can view and contribute to the code that powers the search engine. This helps to ensure that the search engine is transparent, secure, and free from any potential conflicts of interest. Additionally, DuckDuckGo is a member of several privacy-focused organizations, such as the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, the Center for Democracy & Technology, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and it is also a sponsor of the Tor Project, which further demonstrates its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users.

Despite its many benefits, DuckDuckGo is still a relatively small search engine compared to others such as Google. However, it has seen steady growth in recent years, and as online privacy becomes an increasingly important issue, DuckDuckGo is well positioned to continue growing in popularity.

What do think about DuckDuckGo

It works ! privacy on searches is good, if you really want to be not tracked you should consider using DuckDuckGo with VPN and if possible disposable MAC masking VMs for browsing.


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