10 Key techniques for managing a diverse team

Techniques to managing a diverse team
Communicate inclusivelyBe open

Use inclusive language
To be open, share all appropriate information; recognize and accept differences, change, and new ways of doing things; and respond honestly.

To use inclusive language, call people by their preferred names, avoid stereotypes, and avoid using metaphors that may exclude someone.
Consider individual needsImplement policies without favoritism

Learn about and support employees' professional aspirations
To implement policies without favoritism, be fair and recognize people's individual differences.

Take an interest in employees' careers, and create opportunities for talented team members to interact with company leaders.
Delegate fairlyDon't always delegate to the same people

Identify tasks to develop employees' skills
To develop all team members – and not just the ones you know will do good work because you've delegated to them before – you need to identify projects, tasks, and responsibilities that can build their skills. Then be specific about what you expect and what the end result should be.
Evaluate objectivelyCheck your assumptions about employees

Give employees clear job descriptions and goals
Monitor, observe, assess, and evaluate each employee's performance on a regular basis. Don't base judgments about an employee's work on stereotypes about age, gender, or ethnicity. Provide job descriptions that include the criteria for measurement used in performance evaluations.