Management Skills for New Managers - Book Review

Author: Carol W. Ellis
Pub Date: July 2004
Your Price: $15.00
ISBN: 9780814408308
Format: Paper or Softback


Your company thinks you’re ready to manage. We think you could use a little help. 

"Just because you’ve been promoted to manager doesn’t mean you’ve got all the skills and information you need to excel. Management Skills for New Managers is an accessible, friendly introduction to everything you need to make the jump to management smoothly and be effective right from your first day. This practical guide helps you:

* define your role: What does a manager do, and how do you create the environment that will help those things get done?

* communicate effectively: Interact with your staff and with your own manager, using the right approach and most appropriate methods

* manage staff performance: Identify challenges, set objectives, and give your people what they need to do their jobs well 

Plus you’ll learn how to delegate for maximum productivity, motivate individuals and teams, and much more.

Filled with practical techniques and specific action plans for applying the approaches in your new role, Management Skills for New Managers will help you put your best foot forward -- as you take your next big career step."

 About the Author

 Carol W. Ellis (Placitas, NM) is a partner in Ellis Associates, a firm providing business education and career management services in interpersonal communications skills, management skills, team building, and corporate restructuring.

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