How to Reset a Vizio Remote

Its rather common for your Vizio remote to stop working. Below are few common reasons for Vizio remote troubles. Most of the times you don't need a new remote. Before searching for replacing your vizio remote follow below simple troubleshooting tips to save some money on replacement remote. 

Now that your reading this, Give your self a good 10 to 15 minutes for troubleshooting Vizio remote.

Remove any obstacles infront of your TV's IR sensor

First,  Vizio remote is a infrared emitter based remote, its a kind of light spectrum that human eye can not see with out any aid but your TV's IR sensor can recognize the signal. if some thing is blocking the ligh to reach IR sensor your TV or other equipment will not respond to the keys your pressing on the remote. Just by moving the decorative objects or other items infort of your TV can do the trick.

Weak or dead battries

we tend to ignore that battries don't last forever, more often the drained or dead battries are the reason for your remotes malfunction. Its a best practice to repace the remotes battries with new ones before starting the troubleshooting.  Try replacing the battries in your remote and press the on/off button to see if your TV responds.  if your using a universal remote other than Vizio RV remote, we recommend you to search for your TV's remote codes on 

Check if any buttons are stuck

some times when you inadvertently press a button hard, it can actualy get stuck and casue the remote to not work. try moving the button side to side to free the stuck button. 

Reset a Vizio Remote

Now that you have cleared any objects infrot of your TV and you have placed new battries in the remote next step is to trying reset of Vizio remote. its a very simple process does not take more than couple minutes and you can not go wrong with it. There are 4 steps to the process.

Step 1.
Remove the batteries from the Vizio remote.
Step 2.
Press every button on the remote at least one time to check for stuck buttons and free them.
Step 3.
Re-insert the batteries back into the Vizio remote. 
Step 4.
Press On/Off button to see if the remote is now working. 

Only some functions of my Vizio remote are working

Some times you notice your channel up /down buttons are not working this is due to the remote progrmming issue. try reprogramming your vizio remote to work with your sound bar or Home theater system.

if play, pause and fast forward buttons are not working then program your Vizio remote with blu-ray or dvd player.we have detaied articles how to program Vizio remote with DVD/blu-ray players.

Time to buy a new Remote

If none of the above works its time to replace your old Vizio remote with a new Universal replacement remote. 

Issue may be with your TV

Try using a different working Vizio remote, if you can't control your TV with a working remote, its probably the IR receiver of TV is faulty.