Carriage Return in Siebel Workflows

In Siebel Workflow, there is no function for a carriage return line feed. So, if we want to populate a text field and format the contents so that they appear on separate lines, there is no simple way to do it.
One solution would be to write some eScript in a Business Service to return the CRLF escape sequences to the calling routine. The workflow can then call your business service to populate a process property with the CRLF characters and it can then use that process property as and when required.
Another solution exists which does not involve escript is to use siebel vanilla Business Service. There exists a “vanilla” Business Service which returns CRLF as a return argument.
Business Service details:
Business Service Name: SSSE Address Parser (eScript)
Business Service Method: GetCRLF  
Note : Newline characters can be added in oracle database level using the following ASCI functions CHR(10) – Line Feed and CHR(13) – Carriage Return