Project Management

What is Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is to Identify and Analyze gaps and Recommend solutions for potential gaps identified between user requirements and purchased application (Siebel Horizontal / Vertical functionality)

How to approach Gap Analysis:

Customizations should be minimized
Customizations, if required, should not exceed 20% of the purchased application

The Complexities of Management

Management is a complex task. As a manager, you are continually faced with problems that need solving and decisions that need to be made. Making decisions is not easy, but it is a major part of a manager's role.

Common issues caused by incorrect BA selection

In theory the idea of having traditional BSAs involved with a project should work quite well, and in practice it often does.  The best analysts are organized and great communicators, having the ability to distill the critical information from your project stakeholders out of the “information noise” that they provide – often through a wide range of modeling techniques.

Understanding Role of a Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is a person who acts as a liaison between business people who have a business problem and technology people who know how to create automated solutions.

BA Role Overview

Gather > Understand > Analyze customer business requirements and develop

  • Process flows
  • Data flows
  • Business requirements documentation.

Conduct impact analysis and document customer business processes.

10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager

Step One: Clarify, Negotiate, and Commit to Your Role
Step Two: Understand Your Expected Results
Step Three: Know Your Piece of the Business
Step Four: Build a Great Team
Step Five: Choose Employees Wisely
Step Six: Define and Model Excellence

William James Time Saving method

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”
—William James

It always helps to know where your time is going. So, keep track of how you spend your time for two weeks. Sound dull? Boring, maybe? So cut it down to a couple of days. Surprise! Most of your log will show you’re investing your time in people or things not really important to you or your goals.

Process to Facilitate the Meeting

Groups tasked with providing different views on a topic or issue, solving problems, coordinating complex work processes, or implementing change initiatives are often ineffective in getting decisions made and procedures in place.