Best Universal Remotes for Home - 2023 Review

Imagine you have full control over your entertainment center with one single magic universal remote control. its now possible in 2023 with our carefully curated list of best universal remotes money can buy. You are the incharge!

With multiple devices connected to your home entertainment system its been a nightmare to control each device with a diffrent remote. Look no furtther a Universal remote consolidates and automates all the tasks into one remote.

You can turn on your tv and audio system and change volume or change input device with one remote. gone are the days when you need multiple remotes one for FireTV, one for Apple TV, one for your sound system, another for cable so on and on.

We have tested all the remotes to make sure they check all the boxes and you can buy them confidently and don't have to test each one yourslef and save a ton of time.

How do we determine the Best Universal TV remote

In the universal remote control line up, you have smart remote controls and programmable remote controls. Logitech is the market leader when it comes to automated universal remotes. 

Logitech Harmoney Elite beats the compition when it comes to features such as over all compatibility with TV, Projector , Streaming devices and also integrates well with Alex, Google Assistence with Voice enable assistent capability. However logitech harmony is not avilable for sale anymore and you may have to buy it over amazon from third party sellers.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate All in One Universal Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control

Logitech Harmony Ultimate All in One Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control
Pro Con
Best Remote you can buy Price
Rich set of functions Weight
ultimate compatibility   
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Controls your entire home entertainment system: Even controls game consoles and devices hidden behind cabinet doors and walls
  • Powerful remote control customization: Includes the ability to create one-touch activity sequences, adjust and remap buttons, set device delays and timing, plus more
  • Intuitive color touch screen: Swipe and tap to access and switch between entertainment activities with shortcuts for your most frequently used commands.Ultimate convenience features: Vibration feedback touch screen, up to 50 favorite channel icons, back-lit buttons and recharging station. Bluetooth Feature : Compatibility with Sony PS3, Compatibility with Nintendo Wii / U
  • OS support(at least):Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.5+
  • Future-proof control of up to 15 devices: Works with 5,000 plus brands and 225,000 plus devices, with newly released devices added regularly to the online device database

Logitech 915 Harmony Ultimate Universal Home Touch Screen Remote for 15 Home Entertainment and Automation Devices (Black)


Pros Con
1. Easy Setup 1. Expensive
2. Simple intuite interface 2. weights 5.65 oz.
3. Color touch screen  

Remote comes with Hub for easy charging, supports 15 devices. has a moble iOS and Android app for easy stetup. bit expensive. This remote can control lights, eCO bee, Alexa and Google Home.

Caavo Control Center the best universal remote for the buck

Caavo universal remote
Pros Con

1.Controls multiple devices

1..Yearly subscription
2. voice control 2. very basic controls

For under $100 does a decent job controling multiple devices seamlessly.



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