Durand TV Universal Remote Codes

Full list of curated and verified universal remote codes for Durand TV

5- Digits Durand TV Universal Remote Codes

  • 13811
  • 10180
  • 10171
  • 10463
  • 12258
  • 10003
  • 11034
  • 11463
  • 13700
  • 19209
  • 14760
  • 12922
  • 11665
  • 11570

4- Digits Durand TV Universal Remote Codes

  • 0916
  • 0037
  • 1652
  • 0921
  • 1135

Universal Remote Codes for 2022 Samsung Auto Charging Remote

New 2022 Samsung auto charing remote

The 2022 Samsung Smart remote has an internal, rechargeable battery that can be charged by the lights and wifi signals in your home. You can also charge it with a USB-C cable. every year millions of AAA battries are disposed while using the electronic devices, new Samsung 2022  smart remote doesn’t use alkaline batteries can recharge itself with wifi signals in home and with lights in the home. 

Telus Slimline Universal Remote Codes with Program Instructions

Telus Slimline Universal Remote Codes

Slimline universal remote controls can operate audio and video devices of almost any brand. For each of your audio/video devices, you have to enter a Device specific Slimline Universal Remote Codes in the universal remote control. Programming your Slimline universal remote will allow you to use the remote with different devices, including your blu-ray, television, DVD player, VCR, stereo systems.

Find a lost TV remote control

Try retracing your steps around the house to see if you left it somewhere else. For example, if you went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, you might have left the remote on the counter or even placed it in the fridge. Check in hidden places like under couch cushions are behind and under the furniture. Lift up any items that might be hiding the remote, like blankets or clothes.

How to Connect a Wii Remote to a Wii Console

The purpose of this article is to show you how to connect a Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus to a Wii console using Standard Mode.


1. Wii consoles can only be turned ON or OFF using Wii Remotes in Standard Mode.
2. You may not be able to sync extra remotes with certain applications. Be sure to exit all applications if you notice that a sync does not succeed.

How to program Genie Remote Control

Quick Steps to program Geneie remote to work with your TV, Genie mini and home audio system.


Step 1.

On Genie remote Press MENU button, select Settings and choose Remote Control.

Step 2.

On the screen highlight and select Pair/Program Remote.

Step 3.

Follow the on-screen wizard.

How to Program a DISH Network Remote Control

When upgrading or replacing the DISH receiver or  buttons of DISH remote is not working (Power and Volume button works). Follow the below steps to program DISH Network Remote Control to DISH Receiver.

Steps to program DISH Network Remote Control

Step 1: 

On the front panel of DISH Network receiver, press the SYSTEM INFO button. 

Step 2: 

How to use Element TV Remote Android App

Smart phone has become a companion in the hand, and we tend to misplace the remote. When you want to watch TV more than often can't find the remote. No worries, Element samart TV has released an official android remote control app for Smart TV remote. you can use it with out worrying the fake third party remote apps bombardng you with fullscreen inappropriate commercials when ever you want to use the app to control the Element TV. 

How to Reset a Vizio Remote

Its rather common for your Vizio remote to stop working. Below are few common reasons for Vizio remote troubles. Most of the times you don't need a new remote. Before searching for replacing your vizio remote follow below simple troubleshooting tips to save some money on replacement remote. 

Now that your reading this, Give your self a good 10 to 15 minutes for troubleshooting Vizio remote.

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