Siebel - Email/SMS/FAX template substitution

Scenario :

 Need to fill email/sms/fax template content substituted via scripting. Need to dynamically fetch Request ID and Timestamp value pertaining to the instance of the Outbound Communication Manager

What is available Out Of Box – you can use Send Email /SMS/Fax window to select the template to substitute the content. User has to manually copy the content

 Solution : 

Two Rules for Using Exclamation Points

Exclamations are used to indicate great excitement or emphasis. In business writing, exclamation points should be used sparingly and only to add urgency, surprise, or disbelief to a statement. Business writers are expected to convey feeling or emphasis primarily through strong words and clear structures, not through punctuation. If you use exclamation points too often, the reader may become immune to their effect or may consider you unprofessional.

What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Question: What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Answer: The possible reason which could result in Picklist values not showing are

1.PickMap is not defined for Field which is showing Picklist values
2.LOV Type and LOV Values are not defined
3.Runtime Flag on Applet level is not true.
4.You have not clicked on Clear Cache after adding the values and trying to see values in same session.

How interviewers decide the candidate

Behavioral interviewing is the most powerful and accurate way to get from point A: recruiting, to point B: hiring the best candidate. Behavioral-based hiring hinges on the premise that a person's past job performance is the most telling indicator of his performance in the future. This approach to interviewing is quickly becoming standard procedure in both small and large companies across the globe.

Improving your Creativity and Innovation at Work

In business, creativity and innovation are often used interchangeably. They mean different things. Creativity is the ability to develop something original, new, and unique. It relates specifically to the act of being creative—seeing new things in old objects and ideas. Innovation, or using objects and ideas in new ways, is often the result of creativity. In other words, when you implement creative ideas, the result is innovation.

How to think Outside the Box

The psychological terms restructuring and functional fixedness are relevant to how the creative process works, and can be applied to creative thinking. Restructuring means reorganizing or restructuring a problem to find a solution. Functional fixedness occurs when, as the idea originator, you become restricted by the demands of the task, or other constraints or norms. This functional fixedness means that you have difficulty reconceptualizing the problem to find a solution.

How to measure your Creative and Innovative Skills



You may not believe that you are especially creative, but you probably possess various skills and attributes that will help in creative projects. If you are going to enhance your creative performance and potential, you need to know what skills you already have, and what areas you need to build on.

Tips for Non-verbal Communication

  • Put a smile in your voice.
  • React like it's your best friend on the phone.
  • Start smiling before you answer the telephone.
  • Think of every call as a welcome break.
  • Sit up straight with both feet on the floor.
  • Don't slouch.
  • Treat callers with respect.
  • Focus on what you can do.
  • Don't take your problems out on a caller.
  • Try to project a perky, positive, and upbeat image.