How are addresses for account stored in the vertical Siebel 7 – Industry Application

All the addresses are now being stored in the S_ADDR_PER base table instead of S_ADDR_ORG base table. This was done because of the data model changed for version 7 and the S_ADDR_ORG will be obsolete.

How to Close an Interview Effectively

To close an interview effectively, you should first determine whether you've covered everything you need to know and backtrack if necessary. You should then tell the applicant what happens next.

Backing up the siebens.dat

In order to avoid trouble arising from corrupted siebns.dat files, we should create backup copies regularly and before each major modification of the Enterprise configuration.

Dynamic User defined Error Message in Siebel

Create a User Defined Error Message which can smartly display dynamic text.


Preparing to Make a Change

If you're thinking about making a change, and you lack direct authority, it is especially important that you know how to prepare for the change.

Siebel Application Response Measurement (SARM)

When an end user clicks a view tab to navigate to a new view, a chain of processes is invoked on different machines in order to handle the request.

Purging an EIM table

When purging data from the EIM table, use the TRUNCATE command as opposed to DELETE.


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