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How Do Trackable URLs 'Click on URL' in Siebel 8.1.x Work and How are They Structured?

It works in the following way: within the Siebel workflow, there is a step (Marketing Campaign Load Workflow>Get List Format System Data) that takes the body of the HTML and finds all the tags Trackable URL.The business service replaces that ta

Scripting High Interactivity vs Standard Interactivity

There are two fundamental modes of deployment for a Siebel Web Client. End user interactivity options are

How to Host offline page in Siebel during application maintenance window

offline page can be achieved using following techniques -
 1.URL Redirect
 2.using web.config / .htaccess file
 3.using default.htm

Performance and Scalability Benchmarking

Oracle’s Siebel Platform Sizing and Performance uses the following features:
Smart Web Architecture—Takes advantage of the newest Web browser technology to deliver a highly

How to make money from twitter?

Ever wondered why all the celebrities are joining twitter? Charlie sheen said “I am unemployed” and joined twitter. So how is he making money? Who is paying for tweeting?

How to display Confirmation Popup Message without Scripting in Siebel

Here is the solution to implement the Confirmation popup applet (OK/Cancel) without Script in Siebel. This solution is applicable for both type of application (Standard and High Interactive application)

Guide to twitter - what you should know about twitter

Tweeting is becoming very common, do you know the techniques to effectively tweet. Here are some tips for you

Disable the button to prevent the double click in Siebel

Requirement:  We have scenario like where we have payment interface which has been triggered by Payment button on Payment applet.


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