EIM Data Loading : Oracle function - Bulk Collect

When loading data through EIM process, we normally use Pl/SQL procedures to fetch and process huge volume of records and  then load the data to EIM Interface tables.

Siebel Scripting – Advanced Concepts

Siebel Scripting advanced concepts - pdf file. covers following concepts -

How to Troubleshoot Database Errors Caused by Deleting Repositories using Siebel Tools

The only supported way in which you can delete a repository is by way of deleting the appropriate ‘Repository’ record within the Siebel Tools application.

Report Formatting by editing XML in Oracle BI

Pivot Tables in Siebel Analytics and Oracle BI does not provide option to display more than one decimal place in the report out-of-box. The business might need more for their analysis. To display more decimal places, the report XML can be edited.

XML Tools And Utilities

 eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language used to structure data to make it easy to exchange data over the Internet.

Siebel Administration - Server Management Views inaccessible when ADSI authentication is enabled.

Oracle Siebel introduced Gateway authentication in Siebel 8 onwards, which mandates the database login authentication for accessing the Siebel Administration – Server Management view.

Table Lock in Oracle

The challenge was to find out which OS user, through which DB login and from which machine the table has been locked and the type of lock that has been applied.

Situation : Application performance issue; Table Lock

Configuring Actuate Siebel Reports Server – Post Installation Tasks

Following Tasks should be performed after installing the Siebel Reports Server which consists of Actuate iServer, Actuate Active Portal JSP and Actuate HTTP Service.

How are index hints used in an EIM process

Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) interacts with data objects (tables and columns) via SQL statements. How those queries are executed by the database in use is directly related to the EIM performance.


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