Automatic Logoff from the Siebel Client session, based on specific conditions.

Client Requirement is to automatically logg off Siebel client if an Inactive User/Ex-Employee tries to access the application 


How to define Siebel CRM specific service fields (Fault, Header) in .WSDL, generated for a Siebel Inbound Web Service?

An external application, that consumes WSDL file, generated by Siebel CRM for an Inbound Web Service,  may need  to know details (schema) about Siebel CRM standard fields, appearing in SOAP message (request or response).

Siebel Database Layout Guidelines

As with most client-server applications, the overall performance of Siebel eBusiness applications is largely dependent on the I/O performance on the database server.

How to Host offline page in Siebel during application maintenance window

offline page can be achieved using following techniques -
 1.URL Redirect
 2.using web.config / .htaccess file
 3.using default.htm

Data Stage - Lookup vs. Join Stages

The Lookup stage is most appropriate when the reference data for all lookup stages in a job is small enough to fit into available physical memory. Each lookup reference requires a contiguous block of physical memory.

Table Fragmentation and Siebel EIM

Prior to running EIM it is important to clean up fragmented objects, especially those that will be used during the EIM processing. The following SQL statement can be used to identify objects with greater than 10 extents:

How can we increase the default HTTP Sleep Time on outbound web service calls ?

EAI HTTP Transport does not read the sleep time parameter from the enterprise or object manager settings.
Instead, it defaults to 120 seconds internally (hardcoded).


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