Using Annual Apprisal Review Process for your benefit

Not every employer and employee has to think of performance reviews with the same dread as an appointment with the dentist.

5 Keys to Successfully Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

For most people, an important part of work life is interacting with others. Breaks and socializing with colleagues are important too.

Etiquette for Using Modern Communication Tools

Modern communication tools such as pagers, cell phones, and speakerphones have inundated the workplace. And why not?

The Five Components of a Communication Model - Communication Skills Course

A basic communication model consists of five components: the sender and receiver, the medium that carries the message, contextual factors, the message itself, and feedback.

Web Portal Integration with Siebel Applications

This article presents details on how to use the XML Web Interface to deliver content from Siebel to external portal frameworks and Web application environments.

Listening Essentials: The importance of listening

A conversation requires concentrated listening. Many people assume they know how to listen. However, these people may be mistaking just hearing for effective listening.

Siebel XML Web Interface

The XML Web Interface can be used against any Siebel eBusiness Application. Requests to generate XML from Siebel eBusiness Applications can be submitted through a Siebel Web Server using a query string or an XML command block.

Barriers to Effective Communication

Language:The choice of words or language in which a sender encodes a message will influence the quality of communication.

Defining Your Target Audience

The characteristics of your readers

Four main considerations about your reading audience should guide your writing.


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