Language:The choice of words or language in which a sender encodes a message will influence the quality of communication.

The XML Web Interface can be used against any Siebel eBusiness Application. Requests to generate XML from Siebel eBusiness Applications can be submitted through a Siebel Web Server using a query string or an XML command block.

Modern communication tools such as pagers, cell phones, and speakerphones have inundated the workplace. And why not?

Think about the employee you are evaluating and ask yourself the following questions. Answer yes or no.

Using your cell phone on campus is often the best way of keeping in touch with your friends and classmates.

This document has been written to demonstrate how to enable barcode toolbar in Siebel Call center, How to Map fields such that the barcode input always goes into a particular field and automatically perform tasks like insert.

The characteristics of your readers

Four main considerations about your reading audience should guide your writing.

Voicemail is a technological innovation designed to help people handle calls more efficiently. Instead of being helpful, it often generates frustration. This frustration is attributable to poor use of telephone technology.
The principles for the effective use of voicemail can help. These are:


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