Project Management

Top 6 reasons for project failure which Business Analyst can mitigate

Business environments these days are characterized by complexity, and acceleration of everything from communication to production methods.

Cohesion-building Techniques

Using cohesion-building techniques

Cohesive teams are unified, allowing members to work together in productive harmony.

10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager

Step One: Clarify, Negotiate, and Commit to Your Role
Step Two: Understand Your Expected Results

The Complexities of Management

Management is a complex task. As a manager, you are continually faced with problems that need solving and decisions that need to be made.

How to Build Trust on a Team

The importance of trust
Trust is the confident reliance in the character, abilities, and actions of others. When you trust someone, you believe she will behave in a certain way based on both your personal feelings about her and the available evidence.
So trust has both an emotional and an intellectual component. Your general feelings about someone, your comfort level with the way he behaves, and your intuition about his character all affect your decision to trust.

Large- versus Small-Group Considerations

The selection of a meeting location is very important because the attitudes of participants are affected by the choice.

Time Saving Tips - Part 3

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

Communicating in a Team


Good communication, along with cooperation and trust, are the threads that bind a team into a cohesive unit. Without good communication, cooperation and trust are unlikely to develop. In a cohesive team, communication is clear and positive, and ideas flow freely. Poor communication, on the other hand, leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, missed opportunities, and conflict.

Cooperation and Team Success

Team members need to cooperate to get the job done, whatever that job may be. You can apply three simple strategies to promote cooperation among your team members:

What is Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is to Identify and Analyze gaps and Recommend solutions for potential gaps identified between user requirements and purchased application (Siebel Horizontal / Vertical functionality)


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