Project Management

Business environments these days are characterized by complexity, and acceleration of everything from communication to production methods.

In theory the idea of having traditional BSAs involved with a project should work quite well, and in practice it often does.  The best analysts are organi

Gap Analysis is to Identify and Analyze gaps and Recommend solutions for potential gaps identified between user requirements and purchased application (Siebel Horizontal / Vertical functionality)


Good communication, along with cooperation and trust, are the threads that bind a team into a cohesive unit. Without good communication, cooperation and trust are unlikely to develop. In a cohesive team, communication is clear and positive, and ideas flow freely. Poor communication, on the other hand, leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, missed opportunities, and conflict.

Use this job aid as a reminder of the tips and strategies for improving communication, cooperation, and trust when building team cohesion.
Communicating within your team

What’s man’s best friend (besides the dog)?

The selection of a meeting location is very important because the attitudes of participants are affected by the choice.

Guided discussions are a type of structured exercise that enable meeting leaders to ask the group a series of planned questions designed to get them to wrestle with topics and issues at a deeper level.

Step One: Clarify, Negotiate, and Commit to Your Role
Step Two: Understand Your Expected Results


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