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Not every employer and employee has to think of performance reviews with the same dread as an appointment with the dentist.

Businesses do not operate in isolation. Managers need to understand the impact that the surrounding business environment has on their own organization.

When a person acts disruptively in the workplace, coworkers are often quick to label that person as difficult. But in most cases, it's not people that are difficult, but rather their behavior.

When your career takes a turn towards a management track, you may begin to wonder what, exactly, makes a "good" manager.

Having beneficial professional relationships with your peers requires more than simply doing your jobs side by side in the same office.

Imagine that you and several others have been shipwrecked on an island. Only one person in your group can speak the same language as the locals. Like the island spokesperson, a mentor is a compassionate person who influences your fate.

DistractionsInternal distractions arise from your own mind o

Exclamations are used to indicate great excitement or emphasis. In business writing, exclamation points should be used sparingly and only to add urgency, surprise, or disbelief to a statement. Business writers are expected to convey feeling or emphasis primarily through strong words and clear structures, not through punctuation. If you use exclamation points too often, the reader may become immune to their effect or may consider you unprofessional. There are two rules for using exclamation points in your writing:

To communicate with tact and diplomacy, you need to be sensitive and respectful. However, this can be more challenging than it first seems. People are sensitive to different things.

What is the importance of communication in the workplace? People in organizations spend over 70% of their time interacting with others, either directly – in private or in meetings – or by phone and e-mail.


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