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Communication Style and Diplomacy and Tact

To communicate with tact and diplomacy, you need to be sensitive and respectful. However, this can be more challenging than it first seems. People are sensitive to different things.

The Three C's of Good Communication

The CEO asked the DVPs to estimate the ROI on the M and A proposal. Now, can you decipher that code?

Written Performance Agreement- Helping Employees Hit The Mark

As a manager, one of your jobs is to turn your employees into leaders. To do this, they need to know what's expected of them, and when they're succeeding. Think about your role as a leader. How do you know when you're successful?

4 Career Transitions tips for Graduate Students in USA

Welcome graduate students  in career transition. Career development for graduate students generally as well as emotional factors in the transition from academia to other career fields.

Effective Listening during Change

Everyone reacts to change slightly differently and is likely to have their own opinion about the change – that's just human nature.

Levels of Interview Questioning

There are three levels of response to questions asked in an interview. The three levels are the attribute level, the general process level, and the behavioral level.

Organizing as a Management Function

The purpose of management in any type of organization is to make sure available resources are used most efficiently in the pursuit of goals. Organizing is one managerial function that helps ensure resources are used efficiently.

Balancing Your Work Life and Private Life

People often become consumed with professional activities – making the presentation, finishing the programming, and preparing for the meeting.

Using Annual Apprisal Review Process for your benefit

Not every employer and employee has to think of performance reviews with the same dread as an appointment with the dentist.


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