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Assertive behavior style

Behaving assertively isn't about overriding or offending others. It's about communicating clearly and effectively. You communicate assertively with others when you

The purpose of responsive writing is to provide a response to previous communication. For responsive writing to be effective, it must be prompt and courteous, exact, sincere, and brief.

A basic communication model consists of five components: the sender and receiver, the medium that carries the message, contextual factors, the message itself, and feedback.

Imagine that you and several others have been shipwrecked on an island. Only one person in your group can speak the same language as the locals. Like the island spokesperson, a mentor is a compassionate person who influences your fate.

Management is a complex task. As a manager, you are continually faced with problems that need solving and decisions that need to be made. Making decisions is not easy, but it is a major part of a manager's role.

You may not believe that you are especially creative, but you probably possess various skills and attributes that will help in creative projects. If you are going to enhance your creative performance and potential, you need to know what skills you already have, and what areas you need to build on.

How can you overcome career stagnation?

  • Use self-evaluation to examine what specifically makes you unhappy with your career and what you're passionate about.
  • Come up with a strategy for getting your career where you want it to be.
  • Commit fully to your plan for change, accepting this will require sacrifices and there will likely be setbacks along the way.

How can you benefit from someone who has overcome career stagnation?

In the United States, career management is typically the responsibility of the individual. This can be challenging for employees new to the US who are unfamiliar with the norms and expectations that typically dictate professional advancement.

No matter where they're found in an organization, innovators are a vital part of a company's structure. They keep the organization focused on the future.


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