Self Improvement

Everyone reacts to change slightly differently and is likely to have their own opinion about the change – that's just human nature.

For most people, an important part of work life is interacting with others. Breaks and socializing with colleagues are important too.

Common trade objects in business relate to people's ability to do their jobs. Several common types of trade objects include:

Being a manager can be stressful. You are responsible for the work of others, you need to achieve company objectives, and you do not always have the resources or control that you would like.

When a person acts disruptively in the workplace, coworkers are often quick to label that person as difficult. But in most cases, it's not people that are difficult, but rather their behavior.

Can you recall a situation in your work experience where inadequate authority was provided to you? Do you remember how you felt? Was the task you were delegated completed successfully?

So many times email signatures are an afterthought and not really looked at as an  opportunity to sell.

Modern communication tools such as pagers, cell phones, and speakerphones have inundated the workplace. And why not?

Using your cell phone on campus is often the best way of keeping in touch with your friends and classmates.


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