Self Improvement

Trust is an essential element in any collaborative or mutually beneficial relationship. When you trust your peers and they trust you, it becomes easier to share information and work together.

Using your cell phone on campus is often the best way of keeping in touch with your friends and classmates.

Not every employer and employee has to think of performance reviews with the same dread as an appointment with the dentist.

Assigning team roles appropriately – to capable team members – sets your team on the path to success. A logical four-step process can help you assign team members to appropriate roles. Each step of the process builds on the last:

Being a manager can be stressful. You are responsible for the work of others, you need to achieve company objectives, and you do not always have the resources or control that you would like.

What is the importance of communication in the workplace? People in organizations spend over 70% of their time interacting with others, either directly – in private or in meetings – or by phone and e-mail.

Being successful at work usually depends on access to good information. Some information arrives in written form, but the vast majority is delivered orally.

There are many reasons to seek out networking opportunities:

As a manager, one of your jobs is to turn your employees into leaders. To do this, they need to know what's expected of them, and when they're succeeding. Think about your role as a leader. How do you know when you're successful?

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, human error can occur in an almost infinite number of ways. But at work, individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable are expected to anticipate negative outcomes and avoid them.


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