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Emotions as Barriers to Listening

Negative and positive emotions

You're wired to listen selectively for the information you expect or want. As a result, your emotions affect how and what you hear.

Delivering an Effective Presentation

Being able to deliver successful presentations is a valuable management skill. Getting your message across effectively is crucial and can have an impact on both your credibility and your work.

10 key steps to building the dream Team you though impossible

Using team-building activities to create successful teams has many benefits to both team members and their organizations. Being part of a team can empower individuals because of added knowledge – through learning from each other

Effective Writing for Different Message Types

To write effective and appropriate business messages, you need to identify the purpose of your writing. Taking a few minutes to define your purpose can dramatically improve your writing.

Techniques of gaining influence

Common trade objects in business relate to people's ability to do their jobs. Several common types of trade objects include:

Communication Style and Diplomacy and Tact

To communicate with tact and diplomacy, you need to be sensitive and respectful. However, this can be more challenging than it first seems. People are sensitive to different things.

Demands and Constraints of a Manager's Role

It's a myth that managers have more freedom to achieve results as they wish. In fact, organizational interdependencies limit the freedom managers have to make decisions and take action independently.

Distractions as Roadblocks to Listening

Assess your listening skills

Good listeners are made, not born. Your skills will improve with practice and, with effort, you can become an exceptional listener.

Establishing Goals and Objectives

One of your first tasks when building a team is to establish team goals. Typically, you can do this in one of two ways.


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