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What motivates difficult people

When a person acts disruptively in the workplace, coworkers are often quick to label that person as difficult. But in most cases, it's not people that are difficult, but rather their behavior.

Rebuilding Trust If You've Betrayed It

The four qualities of a trustworthy person are competence, dependability, honesty, and consideration. If you've made a mistake and betrayed a coworker's trust, you're going to have to take specific steps to remedy that.

How to Improve your negotiating skills

Negotiation skills are among the most important for any leader. I called on some prominent senior executives in the region (and my former executive MBA students from the Robert H.

Delivering an Effective Presentation

Being able to deliver successful presentations is a valuable management skill. Getting your message across effectively is crucial and can have an impact on both your credibility and your work.

Dealing with Difficult Bosses

The emphasis on teamwork and cooperation in the workplace today is either not known to certain leaders or simply scorned and ignored. Some leaders prefer the term “boss” and they act in the ways stereotypical to the title.

Leadership Determines the Team's Performance

One of the main roles of a manager is to provide guidance and clear, decisive leadership to a team.Effective or ineffective leadership doesn't just impact the leader's

handle the major stresses of managing

Being a manager can be stressful. You are responsible for the work of others, you need to achieve company objectives, and you do not always have the resources or control that you would like.

Trust And Betrayal

Is your answer something like this?… Trust is an interesting topic and it would be great to have the luxury of time and bandwidth to cultivate it in our organization's business practices, but there are more pressing and critical issues which I/we need to address instead.

Balancing Your Work Life and Private Life

People often become consumed with professional activities – making the presentation, finishing the programming, and preparing for the meeting.

Organizing as a Management Function

The purpose of management in any type of organization is to make sure available resources are used most efficiently in the pursuit of goals. Organizing is one managerial function that helps ensure resources are used efficiently.


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