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10 key steps to building the dream Team you though impossible

Using team-building activities to create successful teams has many benefits to both team members and their organizations. Being part of a team can empower individuals because of added knowledge – through learning from each other

What is Poor Leadership Costing You?

Have you ever stopped to consider what ineffective team captains might be costing you and your team?

Because effective leadership is so important, many in the business world are now quantifying the cost of ineffective leadership.

Managing Your Career in an American Organization

In the United States, career management is typically the responsibility of the individual. This can be challenging for employees new to the US who are unfamiliar with the norms and expectations that typically dictate professional advancement.

First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager's Role

The power gained by moving up in the organizational hierarchy isn't enough to get results. In reality, establishing and maintaining credibility is how you'll get results.

Motivate Employees by Addressing Individual Needs

Being responsible for a team means that a manager has to be aware of what motivates others. This is another area in which your new role may differ considerably from your old one.

Effective Listening during Change

Everyone reacts to change slightly differently and is likely to have their own opinion about the change – that's just human nature.

Maintaining Open Communication

You may encounter people who use any of the five typical barriers to effective communication:

5 Keys to Successfully Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

For most people, an important part of work life is interacting with others. Breaks and socializing with colleagues are important too.

Qualities of a successful manager

Becoming a successful manager is not an easy task. It is not only a matter of making the right decisions for your company, but you need to be a good leader. This means that you need to know how to encounter and handle various problems.

What makes a person angry

What makes a person angry in a specific instance may be any combination of causes. But generally, anger is driven by a sense that one's value or self-worth is being threatened.


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