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DistractionsInternal distractions arise from your own mind o

What makes a person angry in a specific instance may be any combination of causes. But generally, anger is driven by a sense that one's value or self-worth is being threatened.

Being successful at work usually depends on access to good information. Some information arrives in written form, but the vast majority is delivered orally.

Businesses do not operate in isolation. Managers need to understand the impact that the surrounding business environment has on their own organization.

The CEO asked the DVPs to estimate the ROI on the M and A proposal. Now, can you decipher that code?

Realizing the importance of caring for others in your career, what are some

You've heard the expression "He/She is a born leader." Are all leaders born? Or can leadership be learned?

It's not what you say, it's how you say it. Research shows that the most effective leaders are good communicators. They have learned to give clear instructions, listen to questions and suggestions, and keep people well informed.

If you want to influence your colleagues to do something, you need to do something for them or give them something they value. In short, exchange is the foundation of influence.

Managing self is most important aspect for achieving success. Use below techniques to manage your reactions.
Positive self-talk
Positive self-talk is useful for counteracting internal triggers, such as a tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. You can use gentle, kind words to reassure yourself, and to counteract negative thought patterns such as these:


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