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Ways to Demonstrate Caring at Work

Realizing the importance of caring for others in your career, what are some

Tips to Managers: Show You Care

An overall approach to showing you care involves acknowledging individual views, encouraging people, and being sincere in your interest.

Organizing as a Management Function

The purpose of management in any type of organization is to make sure available resources are used most efficiently in the pursuit of goals. Organizing is one managerial function that helps ensure resources are used efficiently.

Example 1: Effective Writing for Different Message Types

The purpose of responsive writing is to provide a response to previous communication. For responsive writing to be effective, it must be prompt and courteous, exact, sincere, and brief.

Example: Effective Writing for Different Message Types

The purpose of informative writing is to transfer information to the reader. To make informative writing effective, you should explain your reason for writing at the start.

Effective Listening during Change

Everyone reacts to change slightly differently and is likely to have their own opinion about the change – that's just human nature.

Distractions as Roadblocks to Listening

Assess your listening skills

Good listeners are made, not born. Your skills will improve with practice and, with effort, you can become an exceptional listener.

Maintaining Open Communication

You may encounter people who use any of the five typical barriers to effective communication:


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