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Succeeding as a First-time Manager

It may sound harsh, but as a first-time manager you'll make mistakes. Studying some of the mistakes commonly made by new managers will help you learn through the experience of others and avoid similar issues.

Motivate your Slef - Stay Hungry

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not famous yet in 1976 when he and I had lunch together at the Doubletree Inn in Tucson, Arizona. Not one person in the restaurant recognized him.

Using Persuasive Communication

When you need results from someone, but don't have authority over them, you have to be persuasive. If your goal is clear, you'll be able to get straight to the point. However, you also need to consider the other person's perspective.

How You Can Be An Effective Leader

You've heard the expression "He/She is a born leader." Are all leaders born? Or can leadership be learned?

What motivates difficult people

When a person acts disruptively in the workplace, coworkers are often quick to label that person as difficult. But in most cases, it's not people that are difficult, but rather their behavior.

Evaluating Personal Leadership Development Plans

A good leadership development plan has three key characteristics. When you've finished creating your plan, you should evaluate it to be sure it has each of these characteristics:

Learn why seeking clarification about expectations is vital

Your team is simply a group of individuals brought together to achieve a goal. And each individual on that team may have different expectations of what has to happen to reach that goal.

First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager's Role

The power gained by moving up in the organizational hierarchy isn't enough to get results. In reality, establishing and maintaining credibility is how you'll get results.

Building strategic relationships with key peers

Having beneficial professional relationships with your peers requires more than simply doing your jobs side by side in the same office.


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